I’m originally from Michigan and moved here 2yrs ago (didn’t work out there much either) . I joined the live fit challenge summer 2015 because I was a work all day, couch potato, sluggish and didn’t care kind of gal. Now I have more energy and stamina. Looking good and feeling more confident about myself. I want to go to the gym for the classes, to workout, to talk to the people there and to be healthier and happier. I have had such a great time being part of the cardio club family. Highly Recommended to anybody that wants to start living healthier. It’s not just your ordinary gym. The classes are tough but nobody said it was going to be easy. I’m so happy I made a life changing decision to better myself inside and out. Thanks Cardio Club!

-Jennifer Douglas


The Cardio Club has helped me achieve the next level of fitness and provided fun ways to try new things I never thought …I’d do! The facilities provide just about anything you could need for any type of work out. My favorite amenity is the Kid Zone where my kids have a safe place to play while I get in my work outs…for me it would not be possible without this. Every instructor/trainer has been phenomenal–knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Raegan, the master-mind behind it all, is great about encouraging you when you need it, but also giving you that push to get out of your comfort zone and not settling for less than your best. I’m so thankful to be a part of the Cardio Club family!

-Christi Mack


I would recommend the Cardio Club to everyone!

I have been taking classes with Raegan for several years now and I am in the best shape of my life! Raegan is so good at encouraging her students and pushing them to work their hardest to reach their full potentials.  She is hands-down the best dance and fitness teacher in this area.  You never have to worry about getting bored in one of her classes because she is always looking for new and exciting things to do.  I love that she gives individual attention to all of her students; she really cares about each and every one of them.  Raegan is such a positive force in our community.  I would recommend the Cardio Club to everyone!

-Kate Hoffman


Dancing at The Cardio Club for my entire life definitely made me who I am today!

Raegan Reed brings extensive knowledge of dance, and a strong positive influence to the studio. She has not only taught me how to dance, but also the value of self confidence and the meaning of true beauty.

-Katie Aikens


I lost 10lbs in two months thanks to The Cardio Club!

After joining Raegan Reeds CircuitFit & ChiselFit classes at The Cardio Club this Summer I lost a total of 10lbs! Joining the club has definitely changed who I am today and keeps me going so my goal can be reached by the beginning of 2014. It’s great knowing that others, especially Raegan, care about having a fit community. It’s a great feeling! – Ashley


Raegan Reed is THE most motivating and dedicated instructor I have ever met!

Over the past 25+ years I have participated in many gyms and been to dozens of fitness classes with dozens of instructors. I can say with complete assurance that Raegan Reed is THE most motivating and dedicated instructor I have ever met. Your health, wellbeing, and fitness are her #1 priority and motivator. She “takes you in” and cares for your fitness life and for you and without a doubt, does everything she is able to champion you to a life of health and wellness! She truly is dedicated to the people of her community.”

-Mitzi Sackett


Thank you for everything!

Since returning to The Cardio Club in January 2013, I am been able to wear clothes that no longer fit me. Jeans that I couldn’t button before Christmas fit by Easter, and they keep getting looser. I am thankful to the Cardio Club instructors for encouraging me to get to where I am today. I feel a new confidence in myself and I wouldn’t have that without The Cardio Club and their fitness team.

-Mabel Gutliph


Raegan is the best fitness instructor ever!

I’ve been taking Raegan’s chisel since Christmas and yoga since March and I’ve lost 11 pounds and counting. Raegan’s classes have done more for me then just take off the weight and inches. I’m motivated to be healthier and she pushed me into that exercise routine that I desperately needed whether I’m in her class or at home. Because of Raegan I’m seeing changes in my body, energy, and attitude and its awesome!

Thanks Raegan.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

-Amy Doyon


Under Raegan’s direction I have grown stronger, leaner, healthier & happier.

The weight is coming off, as are the inches – a good attitude follows.

Anyone can become an instructor but it takes someone special like Raegan to do it all with heart, love and attitude !

She makes it personal….

Raegan, you are changing our lives.

Thank you –

-Grace Telian


At the end of the day, she is a friend. Do yourself and your health a huge favor and experience the Raegan Machine! You won’t regret it.

Exercise has never been high on my food chain. As a matter of fact, the words “down right boring” come to mind. And so, although I have started many times, I have never managed to stay with it. But then due to a some what serious health issue – I decided that it was time to try again. So I rounded up a couple of friends for support and off we headed to the Cardio Club. The door to the exercise room opened up and out walked lots of people, all of them red faced and dripping with sweat.

My instinct was to turn and run – but then we were met by this five foot nothing ball of fire and the next thing I know, we are signed up for three classes per week, At the conclusion of our first Chisel class, we all looked at each other and said “what were we thinking”??? “We can’t do this!! She is going to kill us!!” Thank God we persevered!

That was nearly 7 months ago. We are now dedicated students of Raegan Reed and the Cardio Club. There is no way to explain the reformation of our bodies, the extreme weight loss, the disappearing inches, the stamina we have built and the over all feeling of well being. We are healthy!! She is a dynamic, energetic teacher who drives us to attain things we never thought possible. She is diligent with her proper technique instruction and offers modifications with each exercise for those with limitations or sensitivities. She is an inspiration to all of us and what she has done for the health of so many in our small community is amazing.

-Jackie Clark

Having attended the Cardio Club for over one year now, I have lost 25 pounds and am very fit.

Being an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic, I use one third the amount of insulin and have far better control of my blood sugar than the year previous.The best part is I feel like I’m 20 years old again and I really enjoy the work outs.”

-Gary Barber

Chisel has made such a difference in my body.

I joined chisel class 3 months after having my daughter to help me get back in shape. Over a year later I am now taking classes twice a week and have lost over 20 pounds. My arms and shoulders are more defined than ever. The first time I realized how much stronger I had gotten was when I was finally able to pull start the lawn mower last summer. I had never been able to do that before. I am so thankful for how hard Raegan pushes me (even though I like to give her a hard time about it :)) otherwise I’d probably still be using 4 pounds weight instead of 8! Thanks, Raegan!

-Katie Albright


Jillian Michaels from THE BIGGEST LOSER has nothing on Raegan Reed!

I’ve been working out with Raegan for 7 months and I’ve lost 15 lbs!

I feel great and I have discovered new muscles I never knew I had.

Before working with Raegan, I would go for a run when I could, but the weight slowly came on over the years. Raegan’s classes are fun and I look forward to them – they’ve become a major part of my day.

She’s tough and determined to help you reach your goals. I’ve always wanted graceful ballet arms – but it was never possible until I met Raegan. With Raegan’s methods my flabby bat wings are finally disappearing. My arms and the rest of my body have slimmed down and are becoming strong and defined.

Working out with Raegan has changed my body AND it’s also changed my life!

-Julie Durkin-


I have taken classes with Raegan for a year now. I am the type of person who needs someone to push me past what I think is my limit. Raegan does this in every class. That is why you see results after a few weeks of taking classes from her. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and she truly cares about every student of hers. Once you start classes with her, you won’t want to stop. Thanks Raegan.

-Donna L. Bray-


 She’s always available for help & genuinely just wants everyone to be fit & healthy!

At the age of 35 and the mother of two boys, I found myself with no energy and feeling unfit and unhappy with my body. I then began taking classes with Raegan and quickly noticed a physical and mental change. I felt stronger and more energetic than I did in my twenties and probably even my teens. I noticed definition in my arms for the first time in my life. The classes are hard yet fun at the same time. And the routines are always a little different which challenges your body even more. Raegan explains each move and will help you correct your form to make sure you are benefiting from the exercise to get the best results possible.



Raegan is a big time gold mine in our small town.

She is highly knowledgeable and well educated about her field and the fitness world. She is not just a great instructor, she is a personal trainer, mentor, motivator, and a true ally helping us to attain our fitness goals. She is encouraging, positive, friendly and willing to help all meet their potential. She gives one-on-one attention in each class while constantly encouraging us to make fitness and well being a priority. She forces me to make the commitment to myself.

-Simone Tucker-


“I’m very glad I decided to take Raegan’s Chisel class.

She’s helped me to be able to do things I didn’t think I could. I feel so much better and more flexible. She’s a great instructor – very encouraging and energetic. I especially appreciate that she watches us and corrects us if we aren’t doing the exercises correctly.”

-Bonnie Fleming-


I lost 40lbs!

Last year at the Relay For Life I made a pledge to exercise more to fight back against cancer. So I started taking Raegan’s classes. Since then I’ve lost 40 pounds! I have more energy and have gained a lot of flexibility. I might be tired before I go to a class, but after I always feel great. She keeps you motivated and her classes are fun!

– Christina Viafore-


Raegan is an extremely enthusiastic and motivating fitness instructor with a great sense of humor. It’s always fun to laugh when you’re getting your butt kicked !

The group fitness classes are a great !! While performing fitness routines, the entire group is guided as if they have a personal trainer at their side. Reagan pays careful attention to students and regularly corrects them to ensure the proper form of exercise. Don’t even think about slacking off. You will get caught ! Classes offer a wide variety of exercises and new routines are added all the time to keep things interesting. Classes are well prepared, on time, never boring and your abilities are challenged whether you’re a beginner or a long time fitness buff.

Classes include; screaming muscles, quivering bodies, scrunched up faces, a few whines and lots of laughter!

Attend one of Raegan’s classes and get a boost to your physical and emotional health.

Come and experience the Raegan machine !

-Tony G-


Raegan’s classes are challenging but fun and they give me something to look forward to.

It’s awesome to have someone with enough drive and personality to keep me motivated towards a better lifestyle through out the week, as Raegan would say, I listen to the little Raegan angel on my shoulder.

-Jessica Perez-


I am 54 years old. I feel like a new person since beginning fitness classes with Raegan.

I am amazed at the progress I have made both in my mental outlook on life and in my physical appearance. Raegan successfully blends all ages and experience levels into an effective

workout for all students. She is a professional who cares about her students, is supportive and generous in her time. Her classes have made a difference in my life.

-Lori Koronowski-


Raegan’s exercise classes are the only exercise classes that I have ever stuck with for a year!

That says a lot in itself. The classes are interesting, diverse, fun, and quite a workout. Aside from that, Raegan is the best motivator that I know. She’s warm, funny, encouraging – along with being a strict drill sergeant! I actually look forward to her corrections because it means that she knows I can do better. Raegan’s classes and friendship are invaluable to me……thank you!

-Liz Brosi-


Raegan kicks my butt!!!! I love every minute of it!!!!

I really look forward to every session, every week I can feel a difference in myself!!! Raegan’s chisel class motivates me to push harder than I thought I could!Raegan is great! She makes the classes fun and friendly, never intimidating!!!

-Sarah Pawlikowski-


Raegan’s classes have really helped me lose inches, all my pants are looser and I’ve lost 1 inch in my waist so far!

Her instruction really helps me perform the exercises correctly and her one on one approach to each student helps us stay with it! Thanks!

-Kathy Beveridge-


Raegan is inspiring and motivational. The classes are great!

-Sharon Moyse-


Raegan is a great instructor who keeps things moving & keeps things interesting throughout the class!

She pushes me so much further than I push myself, which is exactly what I need! If you look good, you feel good, so sign up for one of her classes!

-Jillienne Craver-