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Dance Welcome Letter 2021-2022

Behind the scenes! 2018 Delhi Dance Recital!

Class Attire, Presentation and Footwear:

Hip-Hop: Hair in bun or ponytail, leggings or shorts and fitted top with black sneakers w/black shoelaces.

Jazz: Hair in bun or ponytail, leggings or shorts and fitted top with black jazz shoes.

Modern: Hair in bun or ponytail, tights with shorts, leggings or shorts with nude colored foot undies for level II, III & IV. **For Modern I pink ballet slippers are acceptable. Suggested styles similar to: Capezio H07 FootUndeez lyrical/modern shoe or Danshuz Neoprene Half Soles on

Ballet: Hair in bun or ponytail, tights with skirt or shorts, leotard or fitted tank top, “warm ups” recommended with pink ballet slippers.

Tap: Hair in bun or ponytail, leggings or shorts and fitted top with black tap shoes. Any BLACK tap shoes (with a LOW HEEL) will suffice. The Mary Jane style and/or the lace up shoes are fine. Please no high-heeled shoes.

Creative MovementHair in bun or ponytail, leggings or shorts and fitted top with pink ballet slippers for girls and sneakers or black ballet slippers for boys.

If kids are coming down to the studio from school, please send dance clothes and a snack in your child’s backpack. There is time before class to get changed and have a clean snack.

Thank you in advance for you your partnership and support! We are all very excited to get back into the swing of things this fall! See you soon!

Dance Recital Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my responsibility for dress rehearsal and recital? Parents/guardians need to deliver your dancer dressed in their correct costume with nude footless tights (optional, but recommended), black sneakers, pink leather or pink canvas ballet slippers or foot undies, hair done with tons of hairspray, and makeup ready to go.

**The recommended hair and make up for dress rehearsal and the Recital are in our private Facebook group.

“Backstage helpers” will be with all the dancers. They are in charge of the classes before they go onstage and in between dances, but as a parent/guardian, it is your responsibility to make sure your dancer is ready for the stage, but once you deliver them to us, we will take care of the rest. You can just sit back and enjoy the show!

Recital Tickets: Typically, tickets are sold at The Cardio Club office and at the door at 6pm on Recital night. There are no assigned seats and it is first come, first serve! Sponsors receive one free ticket at the door. Tickets cost $14.00.

**DUE TO COVID, SPACE IS LIMITED. All tickets cost $14 and can be purchased through MINDBODY.

Snacks and Activities: Please pack water and snacks that are not messy for the dress rehearsal and recital. For the people who only take one class, there will be a long wait between their performance and the bows at the end of the show. Kids are welcomed to bring any quiet activities that they would like, for the dressing room.

How do I make my dancer’s costume look nice? Hang the costume up immediately after you receive it. Please LABEL ALL COSTUMES on the hangtag, so that kids do not mix up their costumes and/or we can identify the proper owner if anything gets left behind at dress rehearsal. We recommend that you include all costume accessories, i.e. gloves, socks, hairpieces, etc. in a baggy and attach it to the corresponding hanger.

Is my child allowed to wear her costume? Please do not allow your child to wear their costume before the recital. They can try it on for you and they will wear it for picture day, but we want to make sure it is in mint condition for the BIG SHOW!

What do the backstage helpers do? The backstage helper helps keep the class together before the performance. About 2-4 dances before the class is set to perform, the backstage helpers will come get the class. They will also take children to the potty when necessary and help with any quick costume changes.

What color tights does my dancer wear? Skin-colored footless tights are recommended for any solo or modern costume, pink full-length tights for ballet and no tights are needed for full-length pants.

What should my dancer’s hair look like?  Hair is pulled back in a side braid and wrapped into a bun. There is a tutorial in the dancer group on Facebook. Please don’t be afraid to use lots of hair spray and bobby pins. All hair up please, including bangs.

Do I wear underwear under my dance costume? This is a personal choice, however, this is what your tights are for. You do not need to wear any underwear under your costume if you are wearing tights, but you are welcome to. Older girls are invited to wear thong underwear to hide the underwear lines that show through a costume. If you are only in a hip-hop class and are not wearing tights, the choice is yours. Bras are allowed if they do not show and are pinned appropriately in your costume. Nipple petals or reusable pasties are preferred.

Should my dancer wear makeup for dress rehearsal and the show? Yes, please make sure your dancer is wearing full make up for both the rehearsal and the show. Stage makeup for all dancers include: Foundation, powder, brown and beige eye shadow, pink blush, RED lips, and black mascara, as recommended by Raegan in the dancer group on Facebook. There is a make up tutorial in the group as well. Older dancers should also wear eyeliner and mascara. There are bright stage lights, and they will wash out your dancer’s face if they do not wear makeup. We want to see our dancers’ beautiful faces!

When do tickets go on sale? Typically, tickets will be on sale before the show, through The Cardio Club office or can be purchased in the High school lobby at 6pm the night of the show. There is NOT assigned seating, it is first come, first serve. Tickets will also be PRE-SOLD during office hours at The Cardio Club & Delhi Dance Studio Monday to Friday the week of the show.

**DUE TO COVID, tickets are available through MINNDBODY.

When will doors open? Doors open at 6:00pm.

How long is intermission? 15 minutes

Will there be snacks during intermission? Kim Eighmey from Sweet Endings will provide cupcakes again this year! She’s AWESOME! Food needs to be kept in the hallways. Food is not allowed in the auditorium or in the backstage area or dressing rooms. Bottled water only will be allowed in the auditorium and dressing room area.

How long is dress rehearsal? 3 hours, but may run late! We want to be ready for our big night!!

How long will the show last? Approximately 1½-2 hours.

Where do I enter Delaware Academy? Front and center. The kids can be left at the auditorium and there stuff can be dropped off in Mr. Deegan’s music room.

What time do I need to be there? Please arrive to dress rehearsal by 4:30pm, so we can get started at 4:45pm sharp and on Saturday at 5:45pm in order to get started by 6:00pm and curtain opens at 7:00pm.

How long do I have to change between dances? You can estimate that each dance is approximately 2 ½-4 minutes long, so please refer to the recital line-up to estimate your time to change.

When will my pictures be available? 4-6 weeks after picture day.

Can I videotape? We ask that people keep recordings and snapshots to a minimum, as we will have a videographer and a photographer shooting on performance day! FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS FORBIDDEN! It can distract dancers and cause them harm.

Professional downloadable links are available for $35.00 IF AT LEAST 25 PEOPLE PRE-PAY by 5/20. We have Jessica Vecchione this year. Please sign-up for a copy & PAY CASH by May 20th. We need 25 to pre-pay, the DVD’s will also be sold at the door. It takes 6-weeks to receive your copy. DVD’s can be picked up at the studio.

FLOWERS: MANY dancers receive flowers from friends and parents. We do not sell flowers at the show, so be sure to pick some up before coming. Please support our local flower spot in Price Chopper as an option or The Green Thumb for beautiful plants and gifts.

EXTRA DANCE OPPORTUNITY for ALL young dancers:We know families enjoy seeing their child in more than one dance routine in the recital, so we are inviting dancers from ALL Hip-Hop classes to perform the hip-hop warm-up dance in the recital. For all the kids in Creative Movement, we welcome you to dance along to the song “Happy & You Know it” for another performance opportunity. Participating is optional! If you participate in the warm up dance, you will need black leggings or capris, black sneakers (ballet slippers are ok for Happy and You Know It) and the RECITAL TEE (It’s on the way!). For the Happy & You Know It dance we may have the kids from Creative Movement wear their shirt over their costume.

Additional Notes:

IF NEEDED: black leggings, ballet slippers, tights, foot undies, bras or nipple petals, booty shorts & black sneakers are NOT INCLUDED with costume.

BLACK sneakers are REQUIRED for ALL Hip-Hop Dancers, NUDE colored foot undies for all Modern Dancers and PINK Ballet Slippers and pink full-length tights for all ballerinas and Creative movement dancers. If you have your sneakers at the studio…DONT FORGET TO GRAB THEM BEFORE REHEARSAL! Dancers should double knot black sneakers so that they do not come undone on stage and WEAR NO SHOW BLACK SOCKS.

Please do not wash or dry your costume. Just in case! Please feel free to alter your costume, but please DO NOT USE safety pins, as they can stab a dancer during their performance.

Dancers are not allowed to have any loose glitter. It is strictly prohibited.

Dancers should not wear any jewelry except for anything that came with the costume, not even wedding rings or facial piercings. These can get caught on costumes or other dancers and cause harm.  We do understand if a child has recently had their ears pierced, they cannot take out their earrings.

Please tuck in your ballet bows on your ballet slippers.

Dancers should not have any nail polish on at dress rehearsal or recital unless it is clear, LIGHT baby pink or French. This goes for the feet and the hands.

Please be sure that your dancer’s costumes are unwrinkled by either steaming them with a steamer or by turning on a hot shower and hanging your dancer’s costumes in the hot bathroom to get them unwrinkled.

If there are any tags inside your dancer’s outfit that are visible when your dancer puts it on, please cut them out.  If tags are hidden, please put initials on tags, so costumes do not get mixed up.

HAIR PIECES: If you have a hair accessory, please be sure to use bobby pins to secure it in place, so that it does not fall off onstage.  If your child is in more than one dance the hair piece is NOT REQUIRED! If your child is wearing a hairpiece, you can place it anywhere…just please make sure it is REALLY SECURE! 🙂

*Dancers should bring a change of clothes for after dress rehearsal, so their costume can be hung back up on the hanger.

Once dancers have finished performing, they will sit quietly in the dressing room. Again, feel free to send your child with a snack, water and an activity book or a quiet activity to entertain them during down time.

Please enter and exit between recital dances out of respect and courtesy to our dancers and other audience members.

Each class will come back on stage for the bows at the end of the show. After the bows the curtain will close for a moment and then will reopen, so parents can collect their kiddos! We hope to see you in August to register for fall dance, so we can do it all over again! Have a great summer!!

Please contact Raegan Reed or the front desk if you have any other questions.

As always thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

We are happy to help!


Raegan Reed & The Delhi Dance Studio Staff