About the Facilities!

Photo by Riikka Olsen

The Cardio Club & Delhi Dance Studio, located in Delhi, NY found a new home after over 20 years of operation.  This 24-hour  full service gym and dance center relocated to a brand new facility at 17 Elm Street in 2013. Owner, Raegan Reed and her husband Travis Reed purchased this building located on 17 Elm Street in September 2012, and began making their dreams come true. The building, formerly known as the Powerhouse, has been fully renovated and had the Grand Opening and ribbon cutting on May 4th, 2013.

With the help of Bray Engineering, Meres Electric, Beveridge Plumbing & Heating, Constable Sheetrock , Travis Reed Construction was hard at work to get the building in working order.  This included raising the roof eight feet to allow for two fitness studios upstairs, new floors, four bathrooms, locker rooms with showers and more!  The NEW Cardio Club & Delhi Dance Studio nearly doubled its size and is roughly 6000 square feet!

The Cardio Club is a full-service, 24-hour facility with many offerings including a Kids Zone for potty-trained kids to hang while parents exercise, locker rooms with showers, a stretching room, “The Cardio Club Closet” where we sell Cardio Club apparel and accessories.

In the gym we have a machine to work each part of your body! We have ellipticals, a Concept 2 Row Machine, a strider, recumbent bike, spin bikes and several treadmills for cardio.

We have the hamstring curl, leg press, quad machine, squat racks, ab benches , tricep dip machine, a bicep curl, shoulder press, the cross cable machine with cables to work every body part, including rows; free weights in every size, calf raise, fly machine, bench for back, a punching bag, a pull up machine & pull up bar too.

Upstairs in the fitness studios we also have bosus, trampolines, free-weights, body bars, barbells, bands, bigs balls, little balls, kettlebells, ropes and more. There are two suspension trainers and a hanging silk for body work too.

The Reed’s selected May 4th, 2013, for the grand reopening because it was Raegan’s Father’s birthday.  “I owe much of who I am to my father, Bruce Koenig, and I wish he could have been there to see it all unfold.  That day was dedicated to him”, says Raegan.  “The Cardio Club is a community hub and meeting place for all of Delhi and the Greater Delhi area to enjoy. We hope to make many memories here!”

“Raegan Reed is THE most motivating and dedicated instructor I have ever met! “

Over the past 25+ years I have participated in many gyms and been to dozens of fitness classes with dozens of instructors. I can say with complete assurance that Raegan Reed is THE most motivating and dedicated instructor I have ever met. Your health, wellbeing, and fitness are her #1 priority and motivator. She “takes you in” and cares for your fitness life and for you and without a doubt, does everything she is able to champion you to a life of health and wellness! She truly is dedicated to the people of her community.”
-Mitzi Sackett

  There are many classes at The Cardio Club. Everything from Yoga, BalletFit, Pound and DanceFit to Chisel, Yoga, Tabata, Cardio Kickboxing, Spin, Hip Hop Abs and more! We also offer dance classes for ALL ages, Tumble for ages 3-7, Jiu Jitsu for teens and Adults and Karate for kids age 5 & up! The facility offers a great backyard that is used for outdoor workouts, community events, fundraisers and more!

In addition to the Cardio Club and Delhi Dance Studio, there is Viafore Family Chiropractic, a massage therapist and a wellness coach!