2018 LiveFit 2.0

2018 LiveFit 2.0!

 The LiveFit Challenge is a fun competition to help our community get in shape, stay in shape and learn new ways to LiveFit! The LiveFit Challenge incorporates pop-up challenges, relay games, outdoor challenges, weight loss, nutritional advice, fitness & fun!

 INVEST IN YOURSELF! Over the course of this 8-week program you will learn tools for how to LiveFit ! You will get support & coaching from The Cardio Club Staff, 1 on 1 weigh-ins, nutritional talks from trained professionals, fun challenges, new friendships & CHANCES TO WIN LOTS OF GREAT PRIZES! We encourage LiveFit participants to have fun with the challenge! Encourage and inspire others through social media and in person too!

Orientation, Packet & T-shirt pick up, Weigh-in:

8-LiveFit Cards & FREE Tee OR Tank: $50 (REGISTER BY 6/6 for FREE SHIRT!)

4 LiveFit Cards: $36 (Shirt NOT INCLUDED)

Individual LiveFit Cards: $10 each (Shirt NOT INCLUDED)


 We highly recommend that all participants be at orientation on 6/20 at The Cardio Club

Challenge Format:

Challenge runs 6/23-8/18! This is an INDIVIDUALS competition. Each participant will receive between 1, up to 8 weekly cards (YOUR CHOICE) with different LiveFit activities to do locally & even while on vacation! You choose how many cards to fill! Participants choose whether they want to fill one card over the course of the 8-week program, eight cards or any amount in between. Fill the cards at your leisure! No weekly weigh-ins and post only one pic weekly! At the end of the 8-week program all the COMPLETED cards will be tossed into a hat and winners will be selected at random! There will be SEVERAL WINNERS selected, PLUS, the 2 BIGGEST LOSERS will win a prize too!

Prizes include:

1-$100 Cardio Club gift certificate

1-$125 Gift certificate Greenane Farms CSA

1-Chiropractic Treatment at Viafore Family Chiropractic

1-Hour Massage Rachel James

1-Acupuncture Treatment w/Kate Cauley

1-Hour Massage Nicki Hoyt

1-All-Natural Lotion from Catskill Botanicals (2 winners)

1-One-Hour Personal Training or Self Defense Session with Gary Leahy

1-Round of Golf, 18 holes with a cart at Delhi Golfcourse

Cardio Club Swag

Gift Certificates to LOCAL Restaurants


Prize for 1st Place Biggest Loser: -$100 Cardio Club Gift Certificate

Prize for 2nd Place Biggest Loser $125 gift certificate for Greenane Farms CSA

LiveFit Rock star: (selected by the other LiveFitters) a special little surprise!


Contestants receive LiveFit “Local” cards for this challenge. Each category listed below can only be executed once per day (not including foodie). We operate on the honor system. Please initial each box with each completed task on your card and hand completed cards in to The Cardio Club office BY 8/17, in order to be eligible for the BIG PRIZE DRAWING! Cards must be filled in order to be eligible. In order to be eligible to be a Biggest loser, you must fill all eight cards.

Your Choice: You can mark off “Your Choice” each time you either take a 45-minute class at a participating fitness center, get active for 45-minutes by choosing a vigorous activity or use the weight room at a gym.

Take a Fitness Class or Use the Gym: You can mark off one box when you take a class or use the gym at The Cardio Club or other fitness center. For Gym use: at least 45-minutes IN ONE VISIT. Get your sweat on!

** If you attend a 1-hour class AND complete 15-min in the gym, you may initial TWO BOXES, 1 box for “Your Choice” and 1 box for “Gym or Class”. If you attend a 45-min. class AND complete 30-min in the gym, on the same day, you may initial TWO BOXES, 1 box for “Your Choice” and 1 box for “Gym/Class”.

Self-Care: You can mark off one box in Self-Care when you complete ALL FOUR of the following on a DAILY BASIS. In other words, you must complete A, B, C, D on Monday to check ONE box! A) Eat 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks.  B) Follow the “Healthy Plate diagram” for portion control. Please LIMIT fruit to one or two servings daily! C) Breakfast or lunch must be the biggest meal of the day. D) Meet your personalized caloric intake daily. At the beginning of the challenge CC staffers will assist you to figure out what will be a healthy caloric intake for the duration of this challenge and you must meet that goal each day. This will be calculated according to your BMR and will also take into consideration your level of physical activity. At first this will seem challenging, but soon it will become a healthy habit!

Foodie: You can mark off one box by selecting one of the healthier Cardio Club recommended menu options at a participating eatery or for eating a HEALTHY MEAL on your own (preferably a clean meal) and WATCH YOUR PORTIONS!

Through Greenane Farms we offer a CSA at The Cardio Club. “Community Supported Agriculture” supports your local farmers and at an EXTREMELY REASONABLE PRICE! The cost for fresh, local food is less expensive than your local grocery store.

CSA Info: for $50 per week you can receive a special Cardio Club CSA Share. Sustaining a healthy diet is a big part of making a real commitment to living fit. The Cardio Club has worked with the team at Greenane Farms to specially select farm-fresh foods that will help you LiveFit. In each delivery you will receive a large tote filled with a special selection of fruits & vegetables, 2+ pounds of lean meats, and a special salad dressing of the week. The share can be split with someone else to save on cost OR you can select certain categories. For example: order a full share of beef and chicken and a half share of fruit and vegetables, or only produce. The choice is yours!

Foodie Fads: You can mark off one box daily, when you complete each of these ALL DAY: eat clean, no caffeine, no wheat, no red meat or poultry, and no dairy for one day.

H20: Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of PLAIN water each day for 1-week. COFFEE & TEA DO NOT COUNT. *If for medical reasons you are unable to drink this much water, please contact Raegan for an alternative.

Stretch:  Stretch for at least 5-10 minutes once daily 5 days of the week. Only Yoga classes count for stretching, we encourage you to stretch outside of your other regular fitness classes!

Partner Challenge: Work with one partner weekly. Tackle a workout together in or outside of the gym. Swap healthy food, eat a clean meal, etc.

Check-in: Check in with Raegan Monday nights 6:15pm at The Cardio Club or via Facebook live. This is a time to ask and answer questions, form bonds and build camaraderie with other participants and have a support system.

Pop-up ChallengesThese vary from week to week. Keep your eyes peeled for these food-related and strength-related challenges weekly. These will be posted on The Cardio Club page on Facebook.

Weight Lost & Inches LostAt the end of the challenge each participant will be assessed on how much body fat % was lost and number of inches lost too! Participants will only be weighed at the very beginning of the challenge and at the end of the 8-weeks too. For example: If weigh in weight is 175lbs and at the end of the 8-week challenge it is 170 that’s 5 lbs. lost. To calculate the % of body weight lost it is 5lbs/175lbs x 100=2.8% body weight. **THIS WILL DETERMINE THE 2 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS!

Eating Clean: There are many variations on “eating clean”. For the purpose of this competition we recommend you cut out pasta, eat local fresh cheese or cut it out of your diet, local and/or organic whole milk with no antibiotics or hormones or no milk at all. If you eat bread choose local or Heidelberg whole grain bread! When eating clean we cut out processed foods. Anything that is not in its natural state is processed. Deli meat is processed; most things in a bag, box or can are processed. Buy local products! Be mindful of what you put into your body. We live in an area where we could potentially eat and maintain a full diet off the land. For more info and healthy recipes check out www.thecardioclub.com and click on “LiveFit Tips”.

Relay DayThere will be at least one “LiveFit Relay Day”. Date TBD! Winners will receive an extra chance to win in the “BIG DRAW” at the end of the competition!

*REMEMBER to always check with your physician before starting any exercise program!

Contact us at (607) 746-7050 or go to www.thecardioclub.com

*Prizes are non-transferrable. By participating in the LiveFit ™

Challenge you may note that The Cardio Club may use photos, results, and accomplishments for promotional purposes.