CSA Comes to Delhi!

Greenane Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program for Cardio Club Members

Hi CC Family!

Exciting news! We would like to offer a CSA at The Cardio Club! It is Community Supported Agriculture. All natural & organic foods will be delivered to our Cardio Club doorstep in brown bags, ready for pick up! See below for more info! Scroll down for pricing.

Cardio Club members will have access to wholesome, natural, organic, and local foods from Greenane Farms and at the same time support local farming! In the spirit of our commitment to the traditions of CSAs and food coops, your membership shows we’re all – farmer and consumer – connected.

www.GreenaneFarms.com or on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/GreenaneFarms

Below you will find a brief description of what each CSA category is and what it includes. You may pick and choose categories to be included in your CSA package.

You may choose CSA deliveries each week, bi-weekly, or once per month. The prices shown below are per delivery of a full-share. For individuals or couples who do not require a full-share, you may elect to purchase a half-share at half the cost.

All Natural Pasture Raised & Dry-Aged Angus Beef & Organic Pastured Chicken

Beef: In each full-share delivery you will receive 2 or more pounds of all natural pasture raised Angus beef, dry-aged up to 30 days, vacuum packaged and flash frozen for freshness. During the 4 delivery cycle you will at least receive 2 steaks, a roast, ground beef, & stew beef.

Chicken: In each delivery you will receive approximately 2 or more pounds of Pasture Raised Organic Chicken. We will rotate on a 4 week schedule providing you breasts, legs & thighs, wings, and whole chickens.

The cost for each delivery of Beef & Chicken is $37.31



We plan to be harvesting the following items and include a mix in each delivery.


Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli,
Lettuce, Lettuce mix, Mesclun, Kale, Collards


Winter Squash
Swiss Chard Kohlrabi
Kale Turnips Beets Potatoes
Winter squash Pie pumpkins Cabbage
Bok choi Peppers Eggplant Turnips
Radishes Potatoes Varied Herbs
Carrots Rutabaga
Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Spinach, Scallions, Bok Choy,
Lettuce, Varied Herbs

They strive to include about 11 pounds of vegetables in each delivery.

The cost for each delivery of Vegetables is $24.48



Dependent on the seasonality of the harvest, we hope to be able to provide a mixture of field grown and greenhouse grown fruits for as long as they last.

Fall & Winter Fruits

Peaches Apples Pears Raspberries Strawberries Melons

We plan to include 5 or more pounds of fruit in each full-share delivery.

The cost for each delivery of Fruit is $18.75


Breads & Desserts

Expect to receive the following in each full-share delivery:

1 loaf of fresh bread sufficient for a family size meal and then some.
1 Farm Dessert. We make lots of pies, fritters, turnovers and such from our farm harvest.
A full share portion should be enough for a family of 4 or more people.

Jams & Jellies

We make many different types and combinations of jams in jellies to keep things interesting. You will receive an 8 oz. jar in each full-share delivery.

The cost for each delivery of Breads & Desserts is $22.25

Eggs, Dairy, & other Beverages

A full-share delivery will include 1 dozen fresh eggs, a dairy product such as cheese, yogurt, cream, or butter, and a half gallon beverage. Selection will include Cow’s milk, goat’s milk, apple cider, or fruit and vegetable beverages.

The cost for each delivery of Eggs, Dairy, & other Beverages is $13.50

Sauces, Salsas, & condiments

In each full-share delivery you’ll receive the following items portioned for a family of 4:

Beef or chicken sauce
Salad dressing matched for the vegetables and greens.
Authentic Mexican Chips and Salsa Jar of pickles

The cost for each delivery of Sauces, Salsas, & condiments is $8.50

Commitment & Payment

Your commitment to the CSA is what allows the farm to function. Your share price is the money we use to pay the up-front costs of the season’s production and as such we need your money up-front. We normally request a full year’s commitment from CSA members. However, for Cardio Club members we are offering a 6 month commitment to our CSA. We understand all too well the difficulties of our current economy. For those members that cannot make a single six month payment up front, we ask that you pay what you can but at least make single monthly payments in advance of deliveries.

Read this for more information and for sign-up print pages 5 and 6

Greenane Farms CSA Membership is rolling and will continue for 6 months from the date your membership begins. You will receive shares based on the plan you sign up and pay for. CSA members can pick up their Shares at the Cardio Club on Thursday’s from 4 to 6pm. If enough Cardio Club Members sign up for the CSA, Greenane Farms will install a refrigerator and freezer at the Cardio Club and members may pick up their shares throughout the day or even the next day. Members may also choose to pick up their shares at the Store at Greenane Farm’s, 196 County Road 10, Meridale, on Thursday’s from 12pm to 6pm or during regular business hours on Friday or Saturday.

Best Wishes,
Raegan Reed
The Cardio Club & Dance Studio