Junior Chisel Program

What would people think about a kids exercise program?? šŸ™‚ I am constantly hearing from people in our community and the surrounding area that we NEED MOREĀ positive activities for our youth.

If there was enough interest The Cardio Club could start A “Junior Chisel” program perhaps??

Junior Chisel 1 through Junior Chisel 4? Classes for kids of all ages!

Start the kids out when they are young, jumping, running, hula hooping, jumping on the rebounders. Lets get our kids active and learning about how to lead a healthy lifestyle at a young age! Limiting screen time for our kids, encouraging healthy activity, and not let them become sedentary adults. Childhood obesity is at an all time high and these kids need our help!

Middle-age kids jumping rope, hula hooping, jumping jacks, rebounding and more they would learn how to exercise with their own body weight too! Executing movements safely!

Pre-teens, and teens would do all kinds of things! From jumping rope to jumping jacks. This age group would be learning how to properly execute basic exercises (push-ups, lunges, squats, etc) with proper form and use lightweights! Injury prevention being our #1 concern!

Obstacle courses, “active birthday parties” and more! Lets get the kids excited about being active, like we were when we were young!

If kids have more guidance from a young age about how to properly execute a movement it will become second nature! There will be less knee, back, hip, and shoulder injuries as the kids grow older. These kids will spread their knowledge to other kids and so on so forth and before we know it, this knowledge will spread like wild fire! Injury prevention from day one! I LOVE IT!!!!