Recital & Dress Rehearsal Info 2013


Dance Performance 

Schedule & Information

Individual Dancer Pictures by Patty Woznick

at the dress rehearsal June 14th

Please let us know if you would like to sign up.

*Each group will have their own time slot for individual pictures.

Order forms & additional info will be available May 28th.


Dress Rehearsal is REQUIRED:

At Delaware Academy– (June 14th)

*Dancers arrive at D.A. in Full Costume with Hair & Make-up complete BY 5:00pm.

Nobody will be allowed to watch the Dress Rehearsal.

Please arrive back to pick up your child by 7:00pm

Dance Recital (June 15th):

*Dancers arrive at Delaware Academy in Full costume with Hair & Make-up complete by 6pm


Will be sold at D.A. theatre at 6:15pm,

first come, first serve.

Doors open at 6:45pm & Show will begin at 7PM

$10.00- Over 10 years old

$5.00 – ages 6-10 yrs

Free – 5 yrs and under


Professional DVD’s are available for $25.00

ONLY IF AT LEAST 20 PEOPLE PRE-PAY by 6/8. Jessica Vecchione will be the videographer again this year. Please sign-up for a copy & pay CASH by the deadline.

Additional DVD’s will be available by purchase at the recital.

It takes 3-6 wks to receive your copy.


The opening dance number in the recital will be the Hip-Hop warm up dance. All dancers who know this dance are welcome and encouraged to participate! They will need black leggings, and a shirt that says Cardio Club! The shirt can be homemade or purchased!


Kim Eighmey from Sweet Endings will provide cupcakes and Parents will provide juice and paper goods this year! A BIG thanks to them

Costume & Make-up Info!


Foundation, powder, silver eye shadow, pink blush, red lips, mascara

**Hip-Hop Dancers need black sneakers & black leotard for underneath costumes each year**

Pre Hip-Hop– Hair in high pony, ruffle tank, ruffle shorts, black leotard, no show socks & black sneakers

Ballet & Jazz I & II Turquoise tutu dress, ballet pink tights, pink ballet slippers,

hair back in one high bun or twist

Hip-Hop I– Hair back, sequin tank, black capri pants black leotard, & black sneakers.

Hip-Hop II Hair in low right-side pony, with bangs pulled back. schoolgirl outfit (hat, gloves, vest, tie, shirt, skirt, shorts) & black sneakers

Hip-Hop III– Hair pulled back in braid (all hair up), vest, sport bra, pant, & black sneakers

Hip-Hop IV – Hair pulled back in braid (all hair up), black pants, black leotard & black sneakers

Company II: Black leotard, black leggings & sarong

Company III: Black leotard, black leggings,

black tutu & sarong

Adult African: Hair pulled back in some type of braid, Black Leotard, black leggings and sarong, bare feet

Adult Hip-Hop: Hair pulled back in some type of braid, Black top, black leotard and colorful leggings, hoop earrings and black sneakers

*We are asking for sponsorship, as it is costly to host a dance recital. ALL donations are greatly appreciated! If you or your business would like to be a sponsor please make contributions by June 1st and include how you would like your name to be read in the program or send your child a special message. For contributions $50 and over we will place a camera-ready business card size ad in the program. As always thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

Sign-ups for summer dance are going on now!






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